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An illustration of Coors Field, shown from an overview perspective, is featured on this 19" x 13" poster.

Produced by stadium historian and professional illustrator Jeff Suntala, the Colorado ballpark was thoroughly researched so that details like its shadow patterns are accurately shown on the full color rendering, which is of Coors Field prior to its 2014 renovation. A simple caption underneath the illustration states the ballpark's name and location.

Printed on heavyweight paper using archival inks, this display of Rockies ballpark artwork will look great tacked/pinned/taped to any wall or framed upon one.

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Shipping: USPS First-Class Mail

Coors Field art print poster
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Product Details
* 19" wide by 13" high unframed poster
* Features an overhead image of classic Coors Field
* The caption says COORS FIELD   DENVER, CO
* Ink used is rated to be lightfast for 72 years under glass
* Signed by the artist in pencil and ships from Georgia

About the Artist
Coors Field illustration Jeff Suntala has mastered the modern art of using a computer for illustration and design, which happened after many years of using traditional techniques as he began his career as an illustrator in 1981. That was also the year that he graduated from the Cooper School of Art in Cleveland with a degree in Design Illustration.

A passionate baseball fan, Suntala is a longtime SABR member whose illustrations of ballparks have been prominently used in books about ballparks. Both an accomplished watercolorist and illustrator, Suntala originally used his expertise in computer design technology to sketch 3D ballpark models for his "ballpark evolution by city" poster series. In 2015 he started producing artistic renderings of individual ballparks and that's the year of release for the Coors Field print seen on this page.

Note: Suntala's sketch of the Rockies' ballpark is how it appeared from its opening in 1995 through the 2013 season, after which the upper deck in right field was altered.

Framed Poster
The Coors Field illustration poster is a work of art and art looks best framed. The poster's artist specifically recommends this American-made black wood (MDF) frame.

The frame provides a 1.25" border on each side of the print, which is placed behind real, clear glass. The frame measures 21" wide by 15" high and 3/4" thick. The visible size of the print within it is 18.5" x 12.5," as the poster was designed so that a quarter inch of its white border on each side is tucked under the frame, thereby leaving a small and subtle white border to distinguish the print simply and effectively.

A saw tooth hanger is on the back of the frame, allowing the illustration of Coors Field to be easily hung, which can be done out of the box. The framed poster weighs just 3.4 pounds.

Note: Framing is done after an order is placed and is usually completed in 1-3 days.

Only $72
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Shipping: USPS Parcel Select or Priority Mail

Framed Coors Field art poster
[ View larger frame example ]

Frame Details
Dimensions: 21" x 15" x 0.75"
Color: satin black
Material: wood with a smooth finish, regular glass panel, brass saw tooth hanger
Shipping: sent fully assembled from Georgia and packaged securely in a 22" x 22" corrugated box; orders generally ship within 2 business days

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