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Between major league baseball's spring training and regular season and the 200 teams playing in the various minor and independent leagues that tracked attendance, ticket sales to the sport's pro parks in 2014 were 121,351,095.

That total was mostly derived from the box offices at the 243 regularly-used ballparks at the four levels we've tracked, although a handful of other ballparks contributed small amounts to the total count. In 2014, they included the Sydney Cricket Ground in Australia and Thomas Stadium in Johnson City, TN, each of which hosted two special occasion games.

The 121,351,095 total isn't completely exhaustive -- playoff games and some exhibitions were excluded -- but here's what was counted: all regular season games in major, minor and independent league baseball, plus all spring training games played in spring training ballparks in Arizona and Florida. Based on that criteria, tickets were taken at ballpark gates for 14,388 game dates during the 2014 professional baseball season. The breakdowns for each level of play are found on this page.

To see more than the big number totals, click on each big picture to see how they were added up. You can also jump directly to any league's numbers using the links on the left.

2014 Major League Attendance
Dodger Stadium
  Tickets Sold:


Average Crowd

2014 Spring Training Attendance
Cubs Park
  Tickets Sold:


Average Crowd

2014 Minor League Attendance
BB&T Ballpark in Charlotte
  Tickets Sold:


Average Crowd

2014 Independent League Attendance
LaGrave Field in Fort Worth
  Tickets Sold:


Average Crowd

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