Baseball Pilgrimages
Baseball Pilgrimages

Cycles by Ballpark
Coors Field: 17
Fenway Park: 17
Wrigley Field: 10
Globe Life Park: 8
Angel Stadium: 6
Kauffman Stadium: 5
Minute Maid Park: 5
U.S. Cellular Field: 5
Chase Field: 4
Rogers Centre: 3
Camden Yards: 2
Citizens Bank Park: 2
Comerica Park: 2
Dodger Stadium: 2
Miller Park: 2
Oakland Coliseum: 2
Turner Field: 2
Tropicana Field: 2
AT&T Park: 1
Great American Ball Park: 1
Nationals Park: 1
PNC Park: 1
Safeco Field: 1

A cycle has never been hit at:
 Busch Stadium
 Citi Field
 Marlins Park
 Petco Park
 Progressive Field
 Target Field
 Yankee Stadium

Leading the Way
Fenway Park
Fenway Park
, where 17 cycles have been hit in its 100+ year history.

Coors Field
Coors Field
, where 17 cycles have occurred in its first 22+ seasons. Only four ballparks in major league history have hosted at least a dozen cycles. In addition to Colorado's, the short list includes Forbes Field (12 cycles), Tiger Stadium (12) and Fenway Park (17), AKA the trio of legendary and long used venues that, along with the Rockies' home, top the list of ballparks with the most all-time cycles hit within their confines.

Not Yet
Progressive Field
Progressive Field
, which opened in 1994 as Jacobs Field, is one of 7 ballparks -- and the oldest -- with nary a cycle to its credit.

Cycles at Parks That No
Longer Stand or Are Used

The Metrodome
There have been 316 cycles in baseball history, with the first recognized one hit on May 25, 1882 and the most recent having been completed on June 18, 2017. So that means most -- 215, or 68% -- were hit in ballparks that are now history, such as the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minnesota, where 2 cycles were hit in the Metrodome's final baseball season (2009). In all, 5 cycles were hit inside of the Twins' home of 28 seasons, making the Metrodome one of 5 former stadiums to be the site of 5 cycles.

What follows, in numerological order, is the list of all former American, National and other Major League ballparks in which cycles were hit:

1 cycle
American League Park I (Washington), Association Park (Kansas City), Borchert Field (Milwaukee), Cleveland Stadium, Colt Stadium, County Stadium, Eastern Park (Brooklyn), Eclipse Park II (Louisville), Exhibition Stadium, Gordon and Koppel Field (Kansas City), Mahaffey Park (Cleveland), National League Park II (Cleveland), Olympic Park I (Buffalo), Olympic Park II (Buffalo), Oriole Park I, Palace of the Fans, Philadelphia Baseball Grounds, Polo Grounds I, Polo Grounds IV, Recreation Park (Pittsburgh), Riverside Grounds (Buffalo), Robison Field (St. Louis), Seventh Street Park III (Indianapolis), Speranza Park (Toledo), Union Grounds (St. Louis), University of Penn. Athletic Field, Washington Park II (Brooklyn), Washington Park III (Brooklyn), West Side Grounds (Chicago)

2 cycles
Arlington Stadium, Bank Street Grounds (Cincinnati), Boundary Field (Washington), Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds (Boston), Kingdome, Municipal Stadium (Kansas City), Qualcomm Stadium, Recreation Park (Detroit), South End Grounds III (Boston), Sportsman's Park I, Veterans Stadium

3 cycles
Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, Braves Field, Crosley Field, Eclipse Park I (Louisville), Exposition Park III (Pittsburgh), Hilltop Park (New York), Metropolitan Stadium, Three Rivers Stadium, West Side Park I (Chicago)

4 cycles
Astrodome, Candlestick Park, Cinergy Field, League Park I, League Park II, Memorial Stadium, Shea Stadium

5 cycles
Griffith Stadium, Jefferson Street Grounds (Philadelphia), Metrodome, Olympic Stadium, Shibe Park

6 cycles
Baker Bowl

8 cycles
Busch Stadium II, Ebbets Field, Polo Grounds V

9 cycles
Comiskey Park

10 cycles
Yankee Stadium

11 cycles
Sportsman's Park III

12 cycles
Forbes Field, Tiger Stadium

The current crop of major league ballparks have been the site of a combined 101 cycles (4 of which were natural cycles). Listed below, in alphabetical order, is each of the 30 MLB ballparks; 23 of them (76.7%) have been the site of at least one cycle. For each park, the year it opened is listed and a tabular summary of the cycles hit in it is given, along with a link to a box score from each individual game.

Angel Stadium of Anaheim
Opened: 1966
6 cycles; 4 hit by the Angels and 2 by the visiting team
Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
5/20/1968 Monday Jim Fregosi 4-for-5
(HR, 3B, 1-3, 2B, IBB, 1B)
California Angels 5, Boston Red Sox 4 (11) 10,384 [box]
8/10/1979 Friday Dan Ford 5-for-7
(2B, 1B, HR, K, 6-3, 3B, 2B)
Seattle Mariners 8, California Angels 6 (14) 28,969 [box]
9/26/1979 Wednesday Frank White 4-for-5
(1B, HR, 2B, F8, 3B)
Kansas City Royals 4, California Angels 0 40,565 [box]
10/1/1980 Wednesday Charlie Moore 4-for-5
(1B, HR, 3B, 2B, 3U)
Milwaukee Brewers 10, California Angels 7 20,891 [box]
8/25/2004 Wednesday Jeff DaVanon 4-for-6
(F8, 2B, 3B, 1B, HR, 4-6-3)
Anaheim Angels 21, Kansas City Royals 6 39,657 [box]
5/21/2013 Tuesday Mike Trout 4-for-5
(K, 1B, 3B, 2B, HR)
Los Angeles Angels 12, Seattle Mariners 0 34,095 [box]

Cycle Snippets for Angel Stadium:
  • The first four cycles hit here happened when it was simply named Anaheim Stadium.
  • Ford's cycle occurred in a losing effort for his team.
  • Ford and Fregosi were both able to achieve their cycles thanks to the game going extra innings: Fregosi's single came in the 11th, Ford got his triple in the 12th.
  • Mike Trout's cycle was historic, as he became the youngest American League player to ever hit for the cycle (21 years and 288 days).

  • AT&T Park
    Opened: 2000
    1 cycle; hit by the visiting team
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    6/29/2003 Sunday Eric Byrnes 5-for-5
    (1B, 2B, HR, 2B, 3B)
    Oakland A's 5, San Francisco Giants 2 42,508 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for AT&T Park:
  • Was still called by its maiden name -- Pac Bell Park -- when the only cycle was hit here.

  • Busch Stadium
    Opened: 2006
    0 cycles

    Chase Field
    Opened: 1998
    4 cycles; 3 hit by the Diamondbacks and 1 by the visiting team
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    9/1/2008 Monday Stephen Drew 5-for-5
    (1B, 3B, HR, 2B, 2B)
    Arizona Diamondbacks 8, St. Louis Cardinals 6 35,075 [box]
    5/8/2010 Saturday Jody Gerut 4-for-6
    (HR, 1B, 3B, F7, 1-3, 2B)
    Milwaukee Brewers 17, Arizona Diamondbacks 3 26,877 [box]
    7/23/2010 Friday Kelly Johnson 4-for-4
    (HR, HBP, 2B, 3B, 1B)
    San Francisco Giants 7, Arizona Diamondbacks 4 22,512 [box]
    6/18/2012 Monday Aaron Hill 4-for-4
    (1B, 3B, 2B, HR)
    Arizona Diamondbacks 7, Seattle Mariners 1 24,284 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for Chase Field:
  • Johnson's cycle occurred in a game in which his team lost.

  • Citi Field
    Opened: 2009
    0 cycles

    Citizens Bank Park
    Opened: 2004
    2 cycles; 1 hit by the Phillies and 1 by the visiting team
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    6/28/2004 Monday David Bell 4-for-4
    (2B, BB, HR, 1B, 3B)
    Philadelphia Phillies 14, Montreal Expos 6 39,444 [box]
    4/6/2005 Wednesday Brad Wilkerson 4-for-4
    (BB, HR, 1B, 3B, 2B)
    Washington Nationals 7, Philadelphia Phillies 3 23,435 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for Citizens Bank Park:
  • Didn't have a long wait until it hosted its first cycle, which occurred in the ballpark's inaugural year and just 35th game. No current ballpark has been home to a cycle quicker than that.

  • Comerica Park
    Opened: 2000
    2 cycles; 1 hit by the Tigers and 1 by the visiting team
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    6/8/2001 Friday Damion Easley 4-for-5
    (6-3, 2B, HR, 1B, 3B)
    Detroit Tigers 9, Milwaukee Brewers 4 27,770 [box]
    9/13/2006 Wednesday Gary Matthews Jr. 4-for-4
    (1B, 2B, 3B, HR, BB)
    Texas Rangers 11, Detroit Tigers 3 24,672 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for Comerica Park:
  • Site of the most recent natural cycle (Matthews Jr.) and one of only two natural cycles hit in a current ballpark in the span of just four at-bats.

  • Coors Field
    Opened: 1995
    17 cycles; 8 hit by the Rockies and 9 by the visiting team
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    5/18/1996 Saturday John Mabry 4-for-4
    (1B, 2B, 3B, HR, IBB)
    Colorado Rockies 9, St. Louis Cardinals 8 48,103 [box]
    6/10/1998 Wednesday Dante Bichette 4-for-6
    (5-3, 6-3, 2B, HR, 3B, 1B)
    Colorado Rockies 9, Texas Rangers 8 (10) 48,061 [box]
    7/25/1998 Saturday Neifi Perez 4-for-4
    (2B, 3B, 1B, HR)
    Colorado Rockies 5, St. Louis Cardinals 2 48,323 [box]
    6/19/1999 Saturday Todd Helton 4-for-4
    (2B, 1B, HR, 3B)
    Colorado Rockies 10, Florida Marlins 2 47,051 [box]
    6/18/2000 Sunday Mike Lansing 4-for-5
    (3B, HR, 2B, 1B, K)
    Colorado Rockies 19, Arizona Diamondbacks 2 48,117 [box]
    4/8/2002 Monday Craig Biggio 4-for-4
    (1B, 3B, HR, IBB, 2B)
    Houston Astros 8, Colorado Rockies 4 50,392 [box]
    5/13/2007 Sunday Fred Lewis 5-for-6
    (2B, K, HR, 3B, 1B, 1B)
    San Francisco Giants 15, Colorado Rockies 2 24,243 [box]
    8/10/2009 Monday Troy Tulowitzki 5-for-5
    (HR, 1B, 2B, 3B, 1B)
    Colorado Rockies 11, Chicago Cubs 5 34,485 [box]
    7/31/2010 Saturday Carlos Gonzalez 4-for-4
    (1B, 3B, 2B, SF, HR)
    Colorado Rockies 6, Chicago Cubs 5 48,065 [box]
    9/15/2011 Thursday Pablo Sandoval 4-for-4
    (HR, 1B, 2B, 3B, IBB)
    San Francisco Giants 8, Colorado Rockies 5 34,364 [box]
    4/27/2012 Friday Scott Hairston 4-for-5
    (1B, HR, 3B, 2B, K)
    Colorado Rockies 18, New York Mets 9 35,103 [box]
    8/17/2014 Sunday Michael Cuddyer 4-for-5
    (3B, K, HR, 1B, 2B)
    Colorado Rockies 10, Cincinnati Reds 5 33,604 [box]
    7/21/2015 Tuesday Shin-Soo Choo 4-for-5
    (2B, HR, 1B, 6-3, 3B)
    Texas Rangers 9, Colorado Rockies 0 43,012 [box]
    8/14/2015 Friday Matt Kemp 4-for-5
    (HR, 1B, 6-3, 2B, 3B)
    San Diego Padres 9, Colorado Rockies 5 33,697 [box]
    4/10/2017 Monday Wil Myers 4-for-4
    (1B, 2B, HR, 3B)
    San Diego Padres 5, Colorado Rockies 3 20,504 [box]
    4/25/2017 Tuesday Trea Turner 4-for-6
    (1B, 2B, F8, HR, 3B, 6-3)
    Washington Nationals 15, Colorado Rockies 12 21,340 [box]
    6/18/2017 Sunday Nolan Arenado 4-for-5
    (3B, 1B, 2B, K, HR)
    Colorado Rockies 7, San Francisco Giants 5 48,341 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for Coors Field:
  • The first cycle hit here was a natural cycle and John Mabry did it in the minimum of four at-bats, one of only two times that has happened in a current ballpark.
  • The cycles by Hairston and Mabry came in a game in which their team lost.
  • Bichette's cycle came courtesy of extra innings, as he hit his single in the 10th.
  • Cuddyer's cycle came five years after he hit for one at Minnesota's Metrodome when playing for the Twins and enabled him to become just the third player in history to hit for the cycle in both leagues (Bob Watson and then John Olerud did it previously).
  • Choo's cycle was the first by a Korean-born player in MLB history.
  • Kemp's cycle was the first in Padres history and occurred in the franchise's 47th season and 7,444th game. Ironically, the second cycle in Padres history was the one at Coors Field that followed Kemp's, with Myers' cycle coming in San Diego's 7,660th game as a franchise.

  • Dodger Stadium
    Opened: 1962
    2 cycles; 1 hit by the Dodgers and 1 by another team
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    7/28/1964 Tuesday Jim Fregosi 4-for-4
    (2B, HR, 3B, 1B)
    Los Angeles Angels 3, New York Yankees 1 35,976 [box]
    4/13/2009 Monday Orlando Hudson 4-for-5
    (1B, HR, 2B, 3B, K)
    Los Angeles Dodgers 11, San Francisco Giants 1 57,099 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for Dodger Stadium:
  • The first cycle hit here happened in an American League game, as the Angels played four seasons (1962-65) here before they moved to Anaheim. During their games, the Angels referred to the Dodgers' stadium as Chávez Ravine Stadium. So not only did the first cycle not involve the Dodgers, it wasn't even technically hit for at Dodger Stadium.
  • It's unlikely Fregosi would have hit for the cycle if not for third basemen Clete Boyer dropping a foul fly ball he hit during his first at-bat. Boyer was charged with an error, which enabled Fregosi's at-bat to continue, the result of which was a double.
  • Fregosi is the only player to hit the first cycle at more than one current ballpark. He also recorded cycle #1 at the Angels' stadium in Anaheim.
  • Hudson's cycle was hit in the Dodgers' 2009 home opener, which was played before the largest crowd in Dodger Stadium history.

  • Fenway Park
    Opened: 1912
    17 cycles; 12 hit by the Red Sox and 5 by the visiting team
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    8/19/1934 Sunday Moose Solters 4-for-5 Detroit Tigers 8, Boston Red Sox 6 46,995 [box]
    9/8/1940 Sunday Joe Gordon 4-for-4 New York Yankees 9, Boston Red Sox 4 33,800 [box]
    5/17/1944 Wednesday Bobby Doerr 4-for-5 St. Louis Browns 12, Boston Red Sox 8 5,072 [box]
    7/6/1944 Thursday Bob Johnson 4-for-5 Boston Red Sox 13, Detroit Tigers 3 5,146 [box]
    7/21/1946 Sunday Ted Williams 4-for-5 Boston Red Sox 7, St. Louis Browns 4 32,358 [box]
    5/13/1947 Tuesday Bobby Doerr 4-for-6
    (4-3, HR, FC, 3B, 1B, 2B)
    Boston Red Sox 19, Chicago White Sox 6 9,729 [box]
    6/4/1952 Wednesday Larry Doby 4-for-5
    (HR, 2B, 3B, F6, 1B)
    Boston Red Sox 13, Cleveland Indians 11 12,351 [box]
    5/26/1964 Tuesday Jim King 4-for-4
    (2B, 1B, HR, 3B)
    Boston Red Sox 3, Washington Senators 2 10,181 [box]
    5/14/1965 Friday Carl Yastrzemski 5-for-5
    (HR, HR, BB, 3B, 1B, 2B)
    Detroit Tigers 12, Boston Red Sox 8 (10) 10,271 [box]
    4/22/1978 Saturday Andre Thornton 4-for-5
    (1B, 3B, F8, HR, 2B)
    Cleveland Indians 13, Boston Red Sox 4 36,005 [box]
    5/13/1980 Tuesday Fred Lynn 4-for-5
    (2B, 6-3, HR, 1B, 3B)
    Boston Red Sox 10, Minnesota Twins 5 19,032 [box]
    6/28/1984 Thursday Dwight Evans 4-for-7
    (2B, 3B, 4-3, 6-3, K, 1B, HR)
    Boston Red Sox 9, Seattle Mariners 6 (11) 16,715 [box]
    9/18/1985 Wednesday Rich Gedman 4-for-5
    (F6, HR, 3B, 1B, 2B)
    Boston Red Sox 13, Toronto Blue Jays 1 17,598 [box]
    9/14/1988 Wednesday Mike Greenwell 4-for-4
    (HR, 2B, 3B, 1B)
    Boston Red Sox 4, Baltimore Orioles 3 32,745 [box]
    6/6/1996 Thursday John Valentin 4-for-4
    (HR, 3B, 1B, 2B)
    Boston Red Sox 7, Chicago White Sox 4 24,382 [box]
    7/16/2010 Friday Bengie Molina 4-for-4
    (1B, 2B, HR, 3B)
    Texas Rangers 8, Boston Red Sox 4 37,669 [box]
    6/16/2015 Tuesday Brock Holt 4-for-5
    (2B, 3-1, 1B, HR, 3B)
    Boston Red Sox 9, Atlanta Braves 4 35,662 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for Fenway Park:
  • Among active ballparks, Fenway has hosted the worst attended cycle (5,072).
  • The cycles by Doby, Doerr (1st), King, Solters and Yastrzemski came in a game in which their team lost.
  • Williams' cycle came in the second game of a doubleheader and after Teddy Ballgame had gone 3-for-4 in game one. Doerr's first cycle
    also occurred in the second game of a doubleheader, while Solters hit for his in the first game of a DH.
  • Valentin hit his cycle in a game in which a triple play was also recorded.
  • Molina became the 9th player to ever hit a grand slam during his cycle.
  • Evans and Yastrzemski were both able to achieve their cycles thanks to the game going extra innings: Yastrzemski doubled in the 10th,
    while Evans hit his home run, which won the game, in the 11th.
  • Cycles have been hit in two games that were played on May 13 (1947 and 1980). Fenway and Wrigley Field are the only current ballparks
    in which more than one cycle has been hit on the same date.

  • Globe Life Park in Arlington
    Opened: 1994
    8 cycles; 6 hit by the Rangers and 2 by the visiting team
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    8/17/2004 Tuesday Mark Teixeira 4-for-5
    (K, 2B, HR, 3B, 1B)
    Texas Rangers 16, Cleveland Indians 4 24,864 [box]
    9/16/2006 Saturday Chone Figgins 4-for-4
    (1B, HR, 2B, 3B)
    Texas Rangers 12, Los Angeles Angels 6 40,196 [box]
    9/1/2008 Monday Adrian Beltre 5-for-6
    (HR, 1B, 1B, 2B, 3B, 6-3)
    Seattle Mariners 12, Texas Rangers 6 16,171 [box]
    4/15/2009 Wednesday Ian Kinsler 6-for-6
    (2B, HR, 1B, 1B, 3B, 2B)
    Texas Rangers 19, Baltimore Orioles 6 17,539 [box]
    8/24/2012 Friday Adrian Beltre 4-for-4
    (3B, 2B, HR, 1B)
    Texas Rangers 8, Minnesota Twins 0 45,823 [box]
    9/23/2013 Monday Alex Rios 4-for-4
    (2B, 1B, HR, 3B)
    Texas Rangers 12, Houston Astros 0 33,743 [box]
    8/3/2015 Monday Adrian Beltre 4-for-5
    (3B, 2B, 1B, HR, F4)
    Texas Rangers 12, Houston Astros 9 21,671 [box]
    4/29/2017 Saturday Carlos Gomez 4-for-4
    (2B, 1B, 3B, HR)
    Texas Rangers 6, Los Angeles Angels 3 44,597 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for Globe Life Park:
  • The cycles hit by Teixeira and Figgins occurred when it was named Ameriquest Field in Arlington. The next four happened during the era in which it was called Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.
  • Figgins' cycle occurred in a game in which his team lost.
  • Beltre became the first player in major league history to hit for the cycle in a ballpark both for the home and visiting team. He also is the only player to hit for three cycles in the same ballpark, and Beltre's three career cycles are record-tying in their own right, as he shares the MLB career record with three other players who completed the feat three times (John Reilly, Bob Meusel and Babe Herman).

  • Great American Ball Park
    Opened: 2003
    1 cycle; hit by the visiting team
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    8/15/2005 Monday Randy Winn 4-for-5
    (1B, HR, 2B, 3B, K)
    San Francisco Giants 7, Cincinnati Reds 3 17,777 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for Great American Ball Park:
  • Winn's cycle came in just his 13th game as a Giant.

  • Kauffman Stadium
    Opened: 1973
    5 cycles; 3 hit by the Royals and 2 by the visiting team
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    8/5/1977 Friday John Mayberry 4-for-5
    (1B, HR, 3B, 4-3, 2B)
    Kansas City Royals 12, Chicago White Sox 2 38,079 [box]
    5/28/1979 Monday George Brett 5-for-7
    (F7, 3B, F7, HR, 1B, IBB, 2B, HR)
    Kansas City Royals 5, Baltimore Orioles 4 (16) 34,677 [box]
    8/3/1982 Tuesday Frank White 4-for-5
    (HR, 2B, E3, 1B, 3B)
    Kansas City Royals 6, Detroit Tigers 5 27,264 [box]
    6/24/1991 Monday Dave Winfield 5-for-5
    (1B, 2B, HR, 1B, 3B)
    California Angels 9, Kansas City Royals 4 32,040 [box]
    4/12/1994 Tuesday Scott Cooper 5-for-6
    (2B, HR, 3B, E-6, 2B, 1B)
    Boston Red Sox 22, Kansas City Royals 11 13,968 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for Kauffman Stadium:
  • Only one cycle has been hit here under the stadium's present name. The first four happened under its original name of Royals Stadium.
  • Brett's cycle was made possible by extra innings, as he got his single in the 10th and double in the 14th.
  • Winfield actually secured his cycle by tripling off of a position player, Bill Pecota, who took the mound in the 8th inning after starting the game at first base.

  • Marlins Park
    Opened: 2012
    0 cycles

    Miller Park
    Opened: 2001
    2 cycles; 1 hit by the Brewers and 1 by the visiting team
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    4/27/2004 Tuesday Chad Moeller 4-for-5
    (HR, 2B, 3B, 1B, E5)
    Milwaukee Brewers 9, Cincinnati Reds 8 8,918 [box]
    6/29/2012 Friday Aaron Hill 4-for-5
    (2B, 1B, HR, 3B, K)
    Arizona Diamondbacks 9, Milwaukee Brewers 3 38,030 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for Miller Park:
  • Hill's cycle was his second in 11 days, giving him two in the 2012 season. He became just the 4th player in major league history to hit for the cycle twice in one season, which had also happened in 1883 (John Reilly), 1887 (Tip O'Neill) and 1931 (Babe Herman).

  • Minute Maid Park
    Opened: 2000
    5 cycles; 3 hit by the Astros and 2 by the visiting team
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    7/5/2000 Wednesday Luis Gonzalez 4-for-6
    (2B, 1B, 3U, K, 3B, HR)
    Arizona Diamondbacks 12, Houston Astros 9 36,218 [box]
    7/18/2001 Wednesday Jeff Bagwell 4-for-5
    (1B, F8, 2B, HR, 3B, BB)
    Houston Astros 17, St. Louis Cardinals 11 33,016 [box]
    7/28/2006 Friday Luke Scott 4-for-6
    (4-3, HR, 3B, 2B, 4-3, 1B)
    Arizona Diamondbacks 8, Houston Astros 7 (11) 43,201 [box]
    9/3/2011 Saturday George Kottaras 4-for-5
    (F7, HR, 3B, 1B, 2B)
    Milwaukee Brewers 8, Houston Astros 2 24,982 [box]
    7/19/2013 Friday Brandon Barnes 5-for-5
    (HR, 3B, 1B, 2B, 1B)
    Seattle Mariners 10, Houston Astros 7 24,635 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for Minute Maid Park:
  • The first two cycles hit here happened when it was called Enron Field.
  • The cycles by Barnes and Scott came in a game in which their team lost.
  • Scott needed extra innings to attain his cycle, as he singled in the 11th inning.
  • One of three current ballparks to be the site of where a cycle was completed in its first year, it took only until its 39th game for Minute Maid Park to host its first cycle.

  • Nationals Park
    Opened: 2008
    1 cycle; hit by the Nationals
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    8/28/2008 Thursday Cristian Guzman 4-for-5
    (HR, 1B, FC, 2B, 3B)
    Washington Nationals 11, Los Angeles Dodgers 2 26,338 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for Nationals Park:
  • One of three current ballparks to host a cycle in its inaugural year, with the cycle being hit in the 65th game ever played at Nationals Park.

  • Oakland Coliseum
    Opened: 1966
    2 cycles; both hit by the A's
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    6/21/2000 Wednesday Eric Chavez 4-for-4
    (2B, 1B, 3B, HR)
    Oakland A's 10, Baltimore Orioles 3 25,287 [box]
    6/4/2007 Monday Mark Ellis 4-for-5
    (3B, HR, 2B, E5, 1B)
    Oakland A's 5, Boston Red Sox 4 (11) 28,177 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for the Coliseum:
  • The first cycle hit here occurred when it went by Network Associates Coliseum. The second and most recent cycle happened during the era in which the Athletics' home was known as McAfee Coliseum.
  • Among current ballparks in which a cycle has been hit, the Coliseum had the longest wait until its first was recorded. The wait was officially 32 years, as the A's began playing in the Coliseum in 1968, which was two years after it opened.
  • It took extra innings for Ellis to hit for his cycle, as he singled in the 10th.

  • Oriole Park at Camden Yards
    Opened: 1992
    2 cycles; both hit by the Orioles
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    6/29/2007 Friday Aubrey Huff 4-for-4
    (3B, 2B, HR, 1B)
    Los Angeles Angels 9, Baltimore Orioles 7 36,689 [box]
    8/14/2009 Friday Felix Pie 4-for-5
    (2B, HR, K, 1B, 3B)
    Baltimore Orioles 16, Los Angeles Angels 6 25,836 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for Camden Yards:
  • Huff's cycle occurred in a game in which his team lost.

  • Petco Park
    Opened: 2004
    0 cycles

    PNC Park
    Opened: 2001
    1 cycle; hit by the Pirates
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    9/28/2016 Wednesday John Jaso 4-for-4
    (1B, HR, 2B, 3B)
    Pittsburgh Pirates 8, Chicago Cubs 4 24,138 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for PNC Park:
  • Jaso's cycle enabled him to become just the second player in MLB history to hit for one and to have caught a perfect game, which he did on 8/15/12 at Safeco Field. The previous player to accomplish both feats was Ray Schalk, who caught a perfect game and hit for the cycle just 58 days apart in 1922.

  • Progressive Field
    Opened: 1994
    0 cycles

    Rogers Centre
    Opened: 1989
    3 cycles; 1 hit by the Blue Jays and 2 by the visiting team
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    7/25/1990 Wednesday George Brett 4-for-5
    (1B, 3B, 2B, HR, 4-6-3)
    Kansas City Royals 6, Toronto Blue Jays 1 49,855 [box]
    8/17/2001 Friday Jeff Frye 4-for-4
    (3B, 2B, HR, 1B)
    Toronto Blue Jays 11, Texas Rangers 3 22,384 [box]
    7/2/2016 Saturday Rajai Davis 4-for-5
    (HR, 3B, 6-3, 2B, 1B)
    Toronto Blue Jays 9, Cleveland Indians 6 46,197 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for Rogers Centre:
  • The first two cycles hit here happened when it was called SkyDome.
  • Davis' cycle occurred in a game in which his team lost.

  • Safeco Field
    Opened: 1999
    1 cycle; hit by the visiting team
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    9/29/2001 Saturday Miguel Tejada 4-for-5
    (3B, 1B, 2B, HR, F8)
    Oakland A's 8, Seattle Mariners 4 45,104 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for Safeco Field:
  • Tejada's home run was a grand slam. Only nine players in history have hit a grand slam as part of their cycle. Tejada became the 7th to do so.

  • Target Field
    Opened: 2010
    0 cycles

    Tropicana Field
    Opened: 1990
    2 cycles; 1 hit by the Rays and 1 by the visiting team
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    8/1/2006 Tuesday Carlos Guillen 4-for-5
    (3B, HR, F9, 1B, 2B)
    Detroit Tigers 10, Tampa Bay Devil Rays 4 13,808 [box]
    10/2/2009 Friday B.J. Upton 5-for-5
    (3B, 2B, HR, 1B, 1B)
    Tampa Bay Rays 13, New York Yankees 4 22,704 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for Tropicana Field:
  • Upton's cycle occurred on the latest calendar date in American League ballpark history, tying the October 2 cycle hit by Otis Clymer at New York's Hilltop Park in 1908 as the latest one to be hit in any AL season.

  • Turner Field
    Opened: 1997
    2 cycles; both hit by the Braves
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    8/14/2008 Thursday Mark Kotsay 5-for-5
    (3B, HR, 1B, 2B, 1B)
    Chicago Cubs 11, Atlanta Braves 7 36,365 [box]
    6/15/2016 Wednesday Freddie Freeman 4-for-7
    (K, 2B, 3B, HR, K, 1B, 4-3)
    Atlanta Braves 9, Cincinnati Reds 8 (13) 14,953 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for Turner Field:
  • Kotsay's cycle occurred in a game in which his team lost.
  • Freeman needed extra innings to secure his cycle, which was accomplished with an 11th inning single.

  • U.S. Cellular Field
    Opened: 1991
    5 cycles; 2 hit by the White Sox and 3 by the visiting team
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    5/18/1998 Monday Mike Blowers 4-for-5
    (HR, F9, 2B, 1B, 3B)
    Oakland A's 14, Chicago White Sox 0 14,387 [box]
    7/6/1999 Tuesday Chris Singleton 5-for-6
    (1B, 3B, 2B, HR, 1B, F8)
    Kansas City Royals 8, Chicago White Sox 7 (10) 11,251 [box]
    4/27/2000 Thursday Jose Valentin 4-for-5
    (1B, 2B, 3B, K, HR)
    Chicago White Sox 13, Baltimore Orioles 4 13,225 [box]
    5/7/2008 Wednesday Carlos Gomez 4-for-6
    (HR, K, 3B, 2B, 1B, K)
    Minnesota Twins 13, Chicago White Sox 1 21,092 [box]
    8/2/2009 Sunday Melky Cabrera 4-for-5
    (HR, 2B, 1B, 4-3, 3B)
    New York Yankees 8, Chicago White Sox 5 36,325 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for U.S. Cellular Field:
  • The first three cycles hit here happened when it was called Comiskey Park.
  • Singleton's cycle occurred in a game in which his team lost.
  • The cycle hit by Jose Valentin was a natural cycle, with his single coming on a first inning bunt.

  • Wrigley Field
    Opened: 1914
    10 cycles; 7 hit by the Cubs and 3 by the visiting team
    Date Day Hitter H/AB (Results) Score Attendance  
    6/23/1930 Monday Hack Wilson 5-for-6 Chicago Cubs 21, Philadelphia Phillies 8 ? [box]
    6/28/1950 Wednesday Roy Smalley 4-for-5
    (HR, 2B, ?, 1B, 3B)
    Chicago Cubs 15, St. Louis Cardinals 3 12,109 [box]
    7/2/1957 Tuesday Lee Walls 4-for-5
    (2B, HR, 3B, 1B, F9)
    Cincinnati Reds 8, Chicago Cubs 6 (10) 10,358 [box]
    8/11/1966 Thursday Randy Hundley 4-for-5
    (K, 3B, 2B, HR, 1B)
    Chicago Cubs 9, Houston Astros 8 (11) 11,860 [box]
    4/21/1976 Wednesday Tim Foli 4-for-5
    (1B, 2B, 3B, FC, HR)
    Montreal Expos 12, Chicago Cubs 6 7,277 [box]
    6/25/1976 Friday Mike Phillips 4-for-5
    (K, 2B, 3B, HR, 1B)
    New York Mets 7, Chicago Cubs 4 11,280 [box]
    4/22/1980 Tuesday Ivan DeJesus 5-for-6
    (HR, 2B, 1B, 3B, 1B, 4-3)
    Chicago Cubs 16, St. Louis Cardinals 12 18,889 [box]
    6/23/1984 Saturday Willie McGee 4-for-6
    (5-3, 3B, 1B, HR, 4-3, 2B)
    Chicago Cubs 12, St. Louis Cardinals 11 (11) 38,079 [box]
    4/29/1987 Wednesday Andre Dawson 5-for-5
    (HR, 2B, 1B, 3B, 1B)
    Chicago Cubs 8, San Francisco Giants 4 11,120 [box]
    5/9/1993 Sunday Mark Grace 4-for-5
    (2B, 1B, F9, 3B, HR)
    San Diego Padres 5, Chicago Cubs 4 30,062 [box]

    Cycle Snippets for Wrigley Field:
  • The cycle hit by Tim Foli was a natural cycle, but he did it under unusual circumstances as it took two days to accomplish the feat. Foli hit his single, double and triple on the day the game was started and before rain suspended it following the 6th inning. He then homered the following day when the game resumed and was finished.
  • The cycles by Grace, McGee and Walls came in a game in which their team lost.
  • Hundley's cycle came in the first game of a doubleheader and he completed his cycle with a single in the 11th inning. McGee's cycle also was made possible by a game going extra innings, as he doubled in the 10th to achieve it.
  • Twice cycles have been hit on June 23 (1930 and 1984). Wrigley and Fenway Park are the only two active ballparks that have had multiple cycles occur on the same date.

  • Yankee Stadium
    Opened: 2009
    0 cycles

    U.S. Cellular Field
    Hitting for the cycle in "natural" order - a single, double, triple then home run -- is one of baseball's rarest feats, as it has happened only 14 times in baseball history. By comparison, a pitcher has thrown a perfect game 23 times. So for a batter to hit for a natural cycle in a game is very rare indeed, and one of the least likely accomplishments a fan will ever see in a major league ballpark -- only 13 of them have ever been the site of a natural cycle. Four of those ballparks are current: both in Chicago plus Comerica Park and Coors Field. While Wrigley Field was listed on its famous marque when a natural cycle was hit in the Friendly Confines in 1976, when Jose Valentin of the White Sox hit a natural cycle in 2000 on Chicago's South Side the ballpark now known as Guaranteed Rate Field still went by the name of Comiskey Park.

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