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The Highland Mint has produced a small variety of coins to commemorate the Boston Red Sox and their ballpark. Each limited edition coin measures 1½" in diameter and comes with a certificate of authenticity. All coins are licensed by Major League Baseball.

Fenway Park Etched Acrylic Coin Display
Presented in a 7" x 8" etched acrylic that is supported by a 3" x 11" cherry wood stand, this artistically intriguing piece commemorates Boston's team and their ballpark. It includes:
  • A 24KT gold overlay coin with a die struck image of Fenway Park.
  • An etching of the exterior facade of Fenway Park on an acrylic plate in which the coin is embedded. Multiple team logos are also etched into the acrylic.
  • A golden nameplate centered on the wood base that is engraved with the words: Fenway Park, Home of the Boston Red Sox

A limited edition of 5,000, each coin and collectible display comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Only $79.95
Buy with major credit cards at CCNow
Buy this Fenway Park coin collectible at CCNow

Shipping: UPS Ground

Fenway Park gold coin etched acrylic
[ View larger image ]

Fenway Park Infield Dirt Coin and Display
Infield dirt from Fenway Park is embedded on a 39mm solid bronze coin that itself is embedded within a 3.5" x 5" acrylic Red Sox display.

The acrylic is engraved with the team's name, logo and year of establishment and is displayed on a wood stand that has a nameplate at its base. The coin that is inset in the acrylic is two-sided, with the infield dirt on the front and an image of Fenway Park on the reverse side.

Limited in edition to 5,000 pieces, a numbered hologram on the coin can be used to verify the dirt's date of collection from Fenway Park at Major League Baseball's website. A small card of authenticity is also included.

Only $39.95
Buy with major credit cards at CCNow
Buy this coin display at CCNow

Shipping: UPS Ground

Fenway Park coin with infield dirt in acrylic display
[ View larger image ]

The engraved nameplate on the base says:
Fenway Park
Authenticated MLB Infield Dirt

Fenway Park Gold Coin
The 24KT gold plated coin featuring an image of Fenway Park is one of only 5,000 made. Each comes protected in an acrylic capsule inside of a black velour jewelry box.

Only $34.95
Buy with major credit cards at CCNow
Buy this stadium coin at CCNow

Shipping: USPS First Class

Fenway Park coin

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