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Tigers baseball seam bracelet The Tigers baseball seam bracelet is made from the exact materials used in a baseball: genuine white leather and red thread, which is used to stich together the seams of the bracelet just like is done on the ball.

A Tigers logo label is centered on the one-size-fits-all wristband, which measures about 6" in length. An elastic baseball bead closure ensures that the adjustable Tigers bracelet fits securely.

Made by GameWear; licensed by Major League Baseball

Only $11.95
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Buy Tigers baseball bracelet at CCNow

Shipping: 1st Class US Mail

Pink Detroit Tigers Baseball Seam Bracelet

Made with the same genuine leather as the original Tigers seam wristband, but pink stitching is used for the seams. Tigers pink bracelet

Only $12.95
To use major credit cards
Buy pink Tigers bracelet at CCNow

Detroit Tigers Team Color Baseball Bracelet

Made from the leather and seams of a real baseball and dyed with the Tigers team colors: navy blue for the leather and white for the stitching. Tigers team color baseball seam bracelet

Only $12.95
To use major credit cards
Buy Tigers team color bracelet at CCNow

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