Baseball Pilgrimages
Baseball Pilgrimages

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Citizens Bank Park
(Philadelphia Phillies)

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The best ballparks in the Major Leagues, as ranked by baseball fans and personnel.
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 Best Ballparks in the Major Leagues Baseball Pilgrimages  
Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia
The 5 Favorite Major League Ballparks of....
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Name Background Residence Favorite
Matt Angle Ballparks of Baseball Blacksburg, VA PNC Park
Chris Gigley Baseball Writer Greensboro, NC Fenway Park
Todd Gimbi Baseball Fan Weatherly, PA PNC Park
Paul Hamann Paul's Stadium Page Redmond, WA Fenway Park
Terry Jenkins Baseball Fan Virginia Beach, VA Turner Field
Eric Kabakoff Ballpark Author New York, NY AT&T Park
Graham Knight Baseball Pilgrimages Peachtree City, GA Fenway Park
Joe Mock Ballpark Author Round Rock, TX Wrigley Field
Kurt Smith Ballpark E-Guides Turnersville, NJ Camden Yards
Jay Theriot Baseball Fan Laplace, LA Wrigley Field
Roger Weber Sport Parks Cincinnati, OH Jacobs Field

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