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This banner features a timeline of Padres logos, spanning from their beginnings in 1969 up to their modern day insignia.

Made from a team colored high quality blend of wool and acrylic felt, the "heritage" banner displays the evolution of Padres logos during the team's time in San Diego. The logos are embroidered onto the banner above the approximate year of their debut.

Measuring 8" wide by 32" tall, the vertical banner is easy to hang thanks to a cord that is attached to its top.

The Padres Heritage Banner is handmade by Winning Streak Sports, licensed by Major League Baseball and ideally sized for placement in a variety of places.

Only $29
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Shipping: USPS First-Class Mail

Padres Heritage Banner Detail
Appliqué and embroidered graphics on wool felt
1969 era Padres logo on team heritage banner
Hanging cord
Hanging device for Padres heritage banner

Banner Specs
Size: 8" x 32"
Material: 70% wool, 30% acrylic
Hanging device: Cord attached to a plastic rod

San Diego Padres heritage banner

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