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This San Diego Padres keychain is made from the same leather and stitching thread used in an actual baseball. The Padres' interlocking San Diego logo is on both sides of the keychain, which is stitched together just like a baseball.

Weighing less than an ounce, the Padres keychain is lightweight yet durable thanks to the genuine materials it's made from. The white leather and dyed seams portion of the baseball keychain is 2" high and has a standard key ring securely attached to it. A removable extra key link is included.

Thanks to this sturdy and stylish keychain, Padres fans will always have a piece of the game they love with them!

Licensed by Major League Baseball
* Keychain is actual size shown in image

Only $14
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Buy Padres keychain at CCNow

Shipping: USPS First-Class Mail

Padres keychain

Padres camouflage keychain

Padres Camouflage Keychain

Made with the same genuine baseball materials as the regular Padres keychain, but the leather and seams are dyed with camouflage colors to celebrate San Diego's military history.

Only $14
To use major credit cards
Buy camouflage Padres keychain at CCNow
Shipping: USPS First-Class Mail

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