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All puzzles and clues are Yankee related in this spiral bound book by crossword puzzle buff Geoffrey Kent.

Kent's book combines Yankees trivia with crossword puzzles to provide New York fans with an enjoyable way to reminisce about Yankees teams, players, managers, owners and milestones.

The crossword clues are written in a trivia question format that will test your knowledge of New York Yankees history. The book's 30 puzzles aren't overly challenging, so they appeal to fans of all ages. Solutions to each of the puzzles are in the back of the book.

Book Info

  • Contains 30 crossword puzzles
  • Pages: 67
  • Size: 8½" x 11"

    Only $19
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    Shipping: USPS 1st Class

  • Kent's Yankees Crossword Trivia Book

    Kent's Yankees Crossword Trivia Puzzle Index

    1. Yankee Stadium
    2. Steinbrenner
    3. Free Agent Signings
    4. Trades
    5. Future Yankees
    6. Team Leaders I
    7. Multi-Decade I
    8. Notable Quotables I
    9. Yankees Nicknames I
    10. Career Years I
    11. Team Leaders II
    12. Multi-Decade II
    13. Notable Quotables II
    14. Yankees Nicknames II
    15. Career Years II
    1. Multi-Decade III
    2. Yankees Nicknames III
    3. Multi-Decade IIII
    4. Pre-1940 Yankees
    5. 1940s Yankees
    6. 1950s Yankees
    7. 1960s Yankees
    8. 1970s Yankees I
    9. 1970s Yankees II
    10. 1980s Yankees
    11. 1990s Yankees I
    12. 1990s Yankees II
    13. 2000s Yankees I
    14. 2000s Yankees II
    15. 2000s Yankees III
    Yankees Nicknames crossword puzzle
    Examples of Yankees Crossword Trivia Clues
    Team name (1903-12) before changing to "Yankees" in 1913

    He was the first African-American Yankee player (1955) and later the Yankees first African-American coach

    In 1967 (22) and 1968 (18) he led the team in HR's

    Reggie Jackson called Bob Sheppard "The voice of ______"

    7/18/99 Yankee RHP tosses 3rd perfect game at Yankee Stadium

    Dallas Cowboys quarterback played 8 games for Yankees in 2002 and 2003

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