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Poster of major league ballparks The just updated Touring the Majors poster will be a hit with baseball fans of all ages! Exact images of each of the current 30 major league ballparks are featured on a map of the United States, which has a green background designed to look like mowed outfield grass. The 17 states with a ballpark have a darker shade of "grass."

A table of ballpark facts is included at the bottom of the 36" x 24" poster. Ballpark facts are grouped by league - American and National - and include: Team, Ballpark Name, Year Opened, Dimensions and Capacity.

Ballpark Map Poster Details
  • 36" wide by 24" tall unframed poster
  • A sizeable graphic image of each major league ballpark is shown
  • Has factual information about each of the 30 ballparks
  • Updated in November 2016 to include the new ballpark in Atlanta
  • Printed on glossy poster paper

  • Only $19.95
    Buy with major credit cards at CCNow
    Buy this poster at CCNow

    Shipping: USPS First-Class Mail

    Touring the Majors ballpark map poster

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