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Healy Championship Plaques

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This collector's Healy plaque celebrates the 1988 Dodgers, the 5th and most recent Los Angeles team to win the World Series.

The pressed wood plaque features a team photo of the '88 Dodgers on its laminated gold metal plate, which is mounted on a walnut brown board.

The players, coaches and staff of the 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers are listed in order of appearance underneath the team photo taken at Dodger Stadium.

The top of the plate is inscribed with the words 1988 World Series Champions and includes the official Dodgers logo.

In addition to the team roster, the bottom of the plate lists the Dodgers' regular season record (Won 94, Lost 67) and scores from their playoff victories over the Mets and A's.

  Size: 13" x 16"
Officially licensed by Major League Baseball
Made in the USA by Healy Awards

Only $59
Out of stock
Discontinued by the manufacturer on 12/30/10

1988 Los Angeles Dodgers championship plaque

1988 Los Angeles Dodgers (as listed on the Healy plaque team photo)
Row 1
: Andrew Cooper, Mark Bossert, Mitch Poole, Shawn Evans, Frank Pinela, Pete Sandoval.

Row 2: Bill Buhler, Dave Wright, Gilberto Reyes, Fernando Valenzuela, Kirk Gibson, Ben Hines, Manny Mota, Joe Amalfitano, Tom Lasorda, Bill Russell, Mark Cresse, Ron Perranoski, Joe Ferguson, Steve Sax, Todd Maulding, Charlie Strasser.

Row 3: Dr. Ralph Gambardella, Dr. Michael Mellman, Billy DeLury, Chris Gwynn, Tracy Woodson, Mickey Hatcher, Rick Dempsey, Franklin Stubbs, Alfredo Griffin, Tim Leary, Orel Hershiser, Mike Scioscia, Dave Anderson, Ricky Horton, Brian Holton, Pat Screnar.

Row 4: Tim Crews, Mario Soto, Mike Sharperson, Danny Heep, Mike Devereaux, Jose Gonzalez, Alejandro Pena, Jesse Orosco, Tim Belcher, Mike Marshall, Jeff Hamilton, Jay Howell, Mike Davis, Ramon Martinez, Ken Howell, John Shelby, William Brennan, John Tudor.

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