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This jigsaw puzzle of Tropicana Field has 1,000 pieces and features a panorama view of Tampa Bay's domed ballpark.

Made to be fairly challenging and intended for ages 13 & up, the box it arrives in serves as an accurate guide to completing the puzzle of Tropicana Field, which will measure 39" wide by 13" high when finished.

There are no words on the puzzle, so when it's put together you'll have a beautiful picture of the home of the Rays that is worthy of being displayed -- and can be, as puzzle glue and a frame are sold separately.

Made in the USA by Masterpieces Puzzle Company

Only $19.99
Out of stock
Discontinued by the manufacturer on 10/17/16

Puzzle Details
Pieces: 1,000
Size: 13" L x 39" W
Difficulty: Advanced (ages 13+)
Box size: 8" L x 15.8" W x 2.1" H  (1.6 lbs.)

Tropicana Field puzzle and box
  Top: Puzzle box
Bottom: Actual puzzle
[ View larger image of both ]

Actual size of puzzle pieces
Size of puzzle pieces

Preserve and/or Display the Tropicana Field Panorama Puzzle
It takes a lot of time to piece together a 1,000-piece puzzle, so why not preserve and display it for a long time? We offer glue to preserve the puzzle and a frame to display it. Details about each are available in the Tropicana Field Puzzle Packages listed below.

Puzzle and glue
You get a 5 ounce bottle, which is enough to thoroughly glue together two 1,000-piece puzzles. The puzzle-specific glue is easy to spread evenly and smoothly with the included applicator (the green semi-circle thing in the picture) and dries quickly, preserving your puzzle with a glossy, no-streak finish.

Only $26
Out of stock

Puzzle glue bottle with spreader
Puzzle and frame
If you want to frame your Tropicana Field puzzle, this simple frame kit will provide you with the four sides to do it. The frame is wood with a natural finish. Assembly is required and note that the backing, glass and glue are not included. The benefit to ordering this frame kit is that it's designed for panorama puzzles. When put together, the frame measures 39" x 13".

Only $39.99
Out of stock
Tropicana Field puzzle in frame
See a larger image of the frame
Bottom of frame
Puzzle with frame kit and glue
In this package, the Tropicana Field panorama puzzle comes with the natural wood frame kit and a 5 ounce bottle of puzzle glue.

Only $45
Out of stock

Tropicana Field puzzle, glue and frame piece

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