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Healy Championship Plaques

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This collector's Healy plaque celebrates the 1984 Tigers, who won a club record 104 games and the franchise's 4th World Series title.

The pressed wood plaque features a team photo of the '84 Tigers on its laminated gold metal plate, which is mounted on a walnut brown board.

The players and coaches of the 1984 Detroit Tigers are listed in order of appearance on the team photo taken at Tiger Stadium.

The top of the plate is inscribed with the words 1984 World Series Champions beneath the official Tigers logos.

The bottom of the plate lists the Tigers' regular season record and scores from Detroit's playoff victories over the Royals and Padres.

  Size: 13" x 16"
Officially licensed by Major League Baseball
Made in the USA by Healy Awards

Only $59
Out of stock
Discontinued by the manufacturer on 12/30/10

1984 Detroit Tigers championship plaque

1984 Detroit Tigers (as listed on the Healy plaque team photo)
Row 1
: Batboy Dom Nieto, Batboy Dave Cowart, Batboy Dave Ruczko

Row 2: Doug Bair, Aurello Lopez, Howard Johnson, Coach Billy Consolo, Coach Alex Grammas, Coach Roger Craig, Manager Sparky Anderson, Coach Gates Brown, Coach Dick Tracewski, Alan Trammell, Tom Brookens

Row 3: Trainer Bill Behm, Kirk Gibson, Juan Berenguer, Rusty Kuntz, Darrell Evans, Dave Bergman, Marty Castillo, Milt Wilcox, Dave Rozema, Dan Petry, Jack Morris, Equipment Manager Jim Schmakel, Traveling Secretary Bill Brown

Row 4: Lance Parrish, Doug Baker, Willie Hernandez, Dwight Lowry, John Grubb, Glenn Abbott, Rod Allen, Barbaro Garbey, Chet Lemon, Lou Whitaker, Larry Herndon, Bill Scherrer, Trainer Pio DiSalvo, Team Physician Dr. Clarence Livingood

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