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Top 5 Major League Ballparks

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The best ballparks in the Major Leagues, as ranked by baseball fans and personnel.
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My 5 favorite Major League ballparks:
  1. PNC Park

    Pittsburgh Pirates
    Although the Pirates have not had a winning season at PNC Park yet, their ballpark is a winner when it comes to the best ballpark in baseball. This ballpark has so many good things going for it, from its location, design and overall appearance. No ballpark can beat the view that can be found at PNC of the Pittsburgh skyline. If the Pirates can start winning, PNC Park is sure to have a great atmosphere that is found at other ballparks.

    Busch Stadium in St. Louis

  2. Kauffman Stadium

    Kansas City Royals
    Like PNC Park, fans attending games at Kauffman Stadium have not seen a winning Royals team in many years. However, it ranks as one of the best ballparks in baseball because of its awesome design. The fountains make this ballpark great, as they are the main and best feature. Great views of the playing field and the Midwest landscape can be found from nearly anywhere in Kauffman Stadium. Upcoming renovations will make this ballpark even better.

  3. Busch Stadium

    St. Louis Cardinals
    Many Cardinals fans liked old Busch Stadium and were sad to see it go but the new Busch Stadium ranks as one of the best new ballparks. St. Louis is one of the best baseball cities in the country. It is hard to find a better atmosphere at games than what is found at Busch Stadium, from the fans to Ernie Hays playing the organ. The overall design of the ballpark, from the brick facade to the red seats inside (finally another team that went without green seats), makes it one of the best new ballparks. Finally, the views of the St. Louis skyline and Arch rival any that are found in baseball. This will only get better when the Ballpark Village is built where the old Busch Stadium was.

  4. Fenway Park

    Boston Red Sox
    This old classic ballpark could be said to be in a category of its own. It has charm that cannot be found anywhere in baseball. Before and after games, the area surrounding Fenway Park is bustling with entertainment and excitement. During the game, it feels like a college atmosphere as fans follow each pitch and add excitement to each play. The setup and design of the ballpark is one that will never be found again.

  5. Shea Stadium

    New York Mets
    How does this stadium rank in a top 5? It is different. With all the new retro parks, Shea Stadium is one of the last super stadiums built. With over 50,000 seats, a walk to the top of the upper deck is definitely a must just to see if you are afraid of heights. Planes flying overhead makes it noisy but the fans are cool. All of the new ballparks have sound systems throughout the ballpark, but Shea Stadium (like Yankee Stadium) has the best sound system in any ballpark with its massive speakers in dead center field. You know its good when a song's base causes the entire stadium to vibrate.

Matt Angle is the webmaster of one of the most popular ballpark Web sites on the Internet, Ballparks of Baseball. He is a Virginia Tech graduate and his love for the Hokies parallels his passion for ballparks.

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