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Nashville's Guitar Scoreboard

Baseball's Most Unique Ballpark Features  
Nashville is the capital of country music, a genre symbolized by cowboy hats and guitars, and itís that famous six string musical instrument that has earned the cityís minor league baseball stadium some notoriety.

Greer Stadium, home of the appropriately named Sounds, is best known for its one-of-a-kind guitar-shaped scoreboard.

The scoreboard was manufactured by the Fairtron Corporation and installed by the Joslin Sign Company prior to the 1993 season, fifteen years after the ballpark opened.

Looming approximately 80 feet above the ground behind the left center field wall, the guitar scoreboard is Greer Stadiumís signature feature and is one of the most unique pieces of local flair found in any ballpark.

The scoreboard is officially 115.6 feet long and 53 feet tall. The respective widths of the three sections of the guitar are 60í for the body, 36í for the scoreboard neck, and 19.6í for the tuning key section.

Ads, a clock and basic game information fill up the guitar body, the complete line score is on the guitarís neck, and balls, strikes and outs are recorded on the tuning key section.

Although the guitar scoreboard isnít very old it lacks the functionality of today's modern scoreboards, which feature LED screens capable of showing video. The information on the guitar is displayed in a dot matrix format that has become obsolete and the scoreboard is incapable of showing video or any other images.

So, while the guitar-shaped scoreboard is eye-catching it doesnít provide all the information the eye is used to seeing at the ballpark. Nonetheless, it's an unrivaled example of local creativity found at a ballpark.

Guitar Scoreboard in Nashville

Nashville's Guitar Scoreboard by the Numbers

  • 115.6' wide x 53' high x 24' deep
  • Installed 80 feet above ground
  • Contains 8,179 lamps and 64,169 feet of wire
  • Uses 243,155 watts of power
  • Weighs 35,825 pounds
  • The display has approximately 3,226 square feet of surface area

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