Baseball Pilgrimages
Baseball Pilgrimages

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Rickwood Field
(Birmingham, AL)

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Baseball Road Trips
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Baseball in Birmingham
Baseball Fans & Their Roadtrips
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Name Destination
Elton Alwine Baltimore and beyond, specifically Chicago and New York
Joe Connor 260 ballparks in 215 days in a car running on veggie oil
John Dattilo Cooperstown, Shea Stadium, Bowman Stadium
Graham Knight 9 Florida Spring Training ballparks (2001)
Graham Knight 9 Florida Spring Training ballparks (2002)
Graham Knight North Carolina
Walker Knight Fluor Field in Greenville, SC
Zachary Knight McCormick Field in Asheville, NC
Javier Najera College World Series

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And I can't wait to get on the road again
Willie Nelson, 1980