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Dodgers Draw the Best
Dodger Stadium
Dodger Stadium
hosted 12 of the 14 crowds announced at over 50,000 in 2016, when the Dodgers led MLB in total and average attendance for the 4th straight season. Atlanta's Turner Field, in its 20th and final big league season, was the only other ballpark to top the 50K mark for a game, doing so twice.

Difficulty Drawing
Progressive Field
Progressive Field
was home to a first place team in 2016, but that didn't stop the Indians from being the only team to draw less than 10,000 fans for a game, which happened on three occasions. Besides being the site of the season's smallest official crowd of 8,766 on May 4, less than 10K tickets were also sold for games played in Cleveland on April 19-20 (9,393 and 9,890).

Total attendance for Major League Baseball in 2016 was 73,159,044.

It's important to note that attendance numbers are based on tickets sold, not tickets actually used. Because the tally is not based on the turnstile count, the total and average attendance reported by each team at their ballpark does not accurately reflect the number of people who actually attended games.

Also, averages are computed by dividing the total by "dates," a designation that is used instead of "games" since not all teams, due to doubleheaders and occasional other reasons, have 81 home game dates in a season (in 2016, 25 of 30 teams did).

There were 3 single-admission doubleheaders in 2016. The Tigers and Indians failed to make up one postponed game in Detroit and the death of Jose Fernandez caused a Braves-Marlins game to be cancelled in Miami. So the total number of home dates (2,425) for all major league ballparks was 5 less than the possible 2,430.

The average number of tickets sold per date in the 2016 season was 30,169. Games were played in the normal 30 MLB ballparks, plus there was a special occasion game played on a military base in North Carolina -- the "Fort Bragg Game" -- which was originally scheduled for Turner Field, hence it counted as a Braves home game.

In the two tables below, teams are sorted by highest to lowest average attendance within their league. Ballpark capacities are from the Ballpark Directory at Baseball Pilgrimages. To see the dates of each ballpark's highest and lowest single-game attendance, hover over/tap any of those particular figures.

American League
35,045,489 tickets sold for 1,213 games in 15 ballparks (28,892 average)
Team Total Dates Average High Low Ballpark (Capacity)
Toronto Blue Jays 3,392,099 81 41,878 48,871 23,726 Rogers Centre (48,292)
New York Yankees 3,063,405 81 37,820 48,339 27,532 Yankee Stadium (49,642)
Los Angeles Angels 3,016,142 81 37,236 45,007 27,531 Angel Stadium (45,050)
Boston Red Sox 2,955,434 81 36,487 38,378 31,011 Fenway Park (37,493)
Texas Rangers 2,710,402 81 33,462 49,289 20,720 Globe Life Park (48,114)
Kansas City Royals 2,557,712 81 31,577 40,030 22,615 Kauffman Stadium (37,903)
Detroit Tigers 2,493,859 80 31,173 45,049 21,671 Comerica Park (41,681)
Houston Astros 2,306,623 81 28,477 43,332 18,243 Minute Maid Park (40,963)
Seattle Mariners 2,267,928 81 27,999 47,065 13,376 Safeco Field (47,116)
Baltimore Orioles 2,172,344 81 26,819 45,785 11,142 Camden Yards (45,971)
Minnesota Twins 1,963,912 81 24,246 40,638 16,938 Target Field (39,504)
Chicago White Sox 1,746,293 80 21,829 39,553 11,418 U.S. Cellular Field (40,615)
Cleveland Indians 1,591,667 81 19,650 34,493  8,766 Progressive Field (35,400)
Oakland A's 1,521,506 81 18,784 36,067 10,068 Oakland Coliseum (35,067)
Tampa Bay Rays 1,286,163 81 15,879 40,135 10,117 Tropicana Field (31,042)

National League
38,113,555 tickets sold for 1,212 games in 16 ballparks (31,447 average)
Team Total Dates Average High Low Ballpark (Capacity)
Los Angeles Dodgers 3,703,312 81 45,720 53,621 38,858 Dodger Stadium (56,000)
St. Louis Cardinals 3,444,490 81 42,525 47,608 34,286 Busch Stadium (46,861)
San Francisco Giants 3,365,256 81 41,546 42,238 41,052 AT&T Park (41,503)
Chicago Cubs 3,232,420 81 39,906 41,702 32,734 Wrigley Field (41,160)
New York Mets 2,789,602 80 34,870 44,466 22,113 Citi Field (41,922)
Colorado Rockies 2,602,524 81 32,130 49,360 20,227 Coors Field (50,398)
Washington Nationals 2,481,938 81 30,641 42,000 17,161 Nationals Park (41,546)
San Diego Padres 2,351,422 81 29,030 44,317 19,013 Petco Park (42,445)
Milwaukee Brewers 2,314,614 81 28,575 44,643 17,374 Miller Park (43,000)
Pittsburgh Pirates 2,249,201 80 28,115 39,500 14,890 PNC Park (38,362)
Arizona Diamondbacks 2,036,216 81 25,138 48,165 14,110 Chase Field (48,633)
Atlanta Braves 2,008,332 80 25,104 51,220 12,869 Turner Field (49,586)
Philadelphia Phillies 1,915,144 81 23,644 45,229 15,247 Citizens Bank Park (43,651)
Cincinnati Reds 1,894,085 81 23,384 43,683 10,784 Great American Ball Park (42,271)
Miami Marlins 1,712,417 80 21,405 36,911 10,637 Marlins Park (37,442)
Atlanta Braves 12,582 1 12,582 12,582 12,582 Fort Bragg Field (12,500)

2016 Attendance Facts & Footnotes

  • For the first time since 2002, the Yankees did not lead the American League in attendance as the Blue Jays ended their 13-season streak by drawing the largest total in the Rogers Centre era, which began when the Toronto venue officially changed its name from SkyDome prior to the 2005 season. Before the Blue Jays in 2016, the last team in the AL to outdraw the Yankees at home for a season was the '02 Seattle Mariners, when they did so at Safeco Field by a mere 77,131 fans. The '16 Blue Jays ended the Yankees' box office dominance by 328,694 paying customers.
  • While there wasn't a team that set a season-high attendance record at their present ballpark in 2016, there were two teams that set their all-time lows. Both were American League teams and they play in the league's two newest ballparks, making Target Field and Yankee Stadium the venues that hosted the fewest fans in their existence. The Twins bested their previous worst tickets sold total at Target Field by 256,142. The Yankees had a 130,390 drop-off from their previous record low total at Yankee Stadium. In both places, the prior low marks had been set the season before (2015).
  • The Cardinals had a 240-game streak of drawing at least 40,000 fans to Busch Stadium broken on September 26, when 34,942 was the announced crowd for a Monday night game against the Reds that began the Cardinals' season-ending homestand. The last time less than 40K had officially attended a game in St. Louis was on September 24, 2013, when 38,940 tickets were sold for a Tuesday night game against the Nationals.
  • 17 of 30 teams had their largest home crowd of the season in their home opener. The average attendance in 2016 for all teams' first home game was 43,230. Appropriately, the ballpark with the largest capacity (Dodger Stadium) had the largest attendance for a home opener (53,279) and the majors' smallest venue by capacity (Tropicana Field) had the smallest opening day crowd (31,042).
  • Three traditional doubleheaders were played as a result of games postponed by weather. With their official attendance listed in parentheses, the single-admission DHs in 2016 were: Indians-White Sox on May 23 at U.S. Cellular Field (18,323); Mets-Pirates on June 7 at PNC Park (26,605); Cardinals-Mets on July 26 at Citi Field (37,116).
  • The Braves played their final season at Turner Field in 2016, which was their 20th at the Atlanta ballpark, in which they drew over two million fans for all 20 seasons. At their previous home, Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, the Braves topped two million in attendance just 7 times in their 31 seasons of playing there. As for their Turner Field tenure, the Braves' final season fan total of 2,008,332 ranked 19th, surpassing only their 2015 season total of 2,001,392 by 6,940. And the Braves actually drew 2,020,914 for their home games in 2016, with the team's 80-game Atlanta total being added to the 12,582 that attended a Braves "home" game on July 3 at the Fort Bragg army base in North Carolina, where a game originally scheduled for Turner Field was moved to a temporary stadium built specifically for the game that was played to honor the US military.

  • The final season display at Turner Field in Atlanta
    The countdown to the Braves' new ballpark was posted on the left field wall at Turner Field all season long, and it wasn't until the final home game of 2016 that the Braves went over the 2 million mark in attendance, a feat that they accomplished for all 20 of their seasons at Atlanta's Turner Field (1997-2016).

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