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For the fun-loving Yankees fan, the inflatable New York glove seat is great for use in pools, on land or indoors. Round storage compartments on each side of the glove will hold drinks, snacks or radios, making the inflatable chair the perfect place to relax!

Built with durable PVC, the Yankees glove chair has three air chambers (the fingers, inside seat and main seat) that easily inflate with a low pressure air pump. The Glove was designed to be comfortable on land, and the lower back of the seat "butts" out slightly for balance and stability in the water.

Multiple team logos are visible on the Glove's front, and the back features the large classic Yankees logo.

Eye-catching, comfortable, and just plain fun, the glove chair comes with tie-on ropes so you can easily secure it when in the pool. The ropes also make the New York Yankees Glove easy to carry, whether it's inflated or deflated.

Two glove sizes available:
The Small has a 40" seat diameter and can hold 175 lbs.
The Large has a 54" seat diameter and can hold 250 lbs.

Made by Left Field Enterprises; licensed by Major League Baseball

Small Yankees Inflatable Glove Chair

4" wide - 8½ lbs.
Only $99
Out of stock

Large Yankees Inflatable Glove Chair

6" wide - 13 lbs.
Only $129
Out of stock
Yankees inflatable glove chairs

Perfect for:
  • Swimming pools
  • Backyards
  • Picnics
  • Tailgate parties
  • Little League games
  • Dens
  • Game rooms
  • Children's rooms

  • Visit our New York Yankees Fan Shop for other great items