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Major League Baseball team and ballpark locator map
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Poster Details
  • 26" wide by 19" high
  • Shows the location of all 30 teams and 6 other popular baseball places
  • Fully laminated -- enables interactivity!
  • Comes with a sheet of 40 baseball stickers that say "Been There" -- use them to mark travels
  • Has checklist of past and present ballparks (60 total) for each team, listed alphabetically by league
  • Can be ordered in a 33" x 21" frame
  • This poster is just what any serious fan of America's pastime needs, as it uses the 30 major league team logos to mark the spot of every big league ballpark in the country. Better yet, it was designed to be interactive as the poster is laminated and comes with peel and stick baseballs that say "been there" so fans can mark the stadiums they've visited.

    Furthermore, a dated team by team timeline of past and present ballparks is included on the lower half of the poster. The rundown of American League parks is on the left side, National League parks are posted on the right side. Next to the name of each ballpark is a checkbox, which gives fans another option besides the included stickers to mark their baseball travels.

    In addition to graphically displaying the location of each team, the map lists a handful of other places that are on any baseball fan's bucket list, such as the Field of Dreams site in Dyersville, IA and the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Adding to its authenticity, state capitals and major cities are marked, just as they are on any official map. This one is licensed by Major League Baseball and is easy to show off since the poster has grommets in each corner, which make displaying a cinch.

    Only $29.95
    Out of stock
    The poster is being redesigned; the current design sold out on June 12, although it's still available in a larger, framed format

    Poster Features

    Grommets in the poster's four corners make it easy to hang
    Poster grommet

    Use the included stickers to mark the stadiums you've visited
    Poster stickers

    Keep track of visits on the past and present ballpark checklist
    Poster checklist

    Framed Poster
    For those who prefer a framed print over a laminated poster, a dark, rustic wood is used to beautifully surround an enlarged version of the map, which maintains its interactivity through the usage of a custom pin set.

    The piece measures 33" x 21" -- that's 7" longer and 2" taller than the poster -- and has a sturdy wire strap on its back so the map can easily be hung. You can also personalize the print with a screen printed baseball plate.

    Only $129
    Buy with major credit cards at CCNow
    Buy this framed map at CCNow

    Shipping: UPS Ground

    Framed Major League Baseball map print
    [ View larger image ]

    The pin set that comes with the framed print includes Framed map pin set
  • white push pins to mark visited ballparks
  • a blue flag to mark the most recently visited ballpark
  • a yellow flag to mark the next planned ballpark visit
  • a green flag to mark the favorite ballpark visited

    The pins and flags are placed directly on the map, which isn't laminated when framed. Another way in which the framed map is different from the poster is that it has red (AL) and blue (NL) dots to designate where each major league park is located. You simply push a pin into the dots to map your ballpark travels.

    Just like on the poster, the framed print has a checklist for each team that lists their current and former ballparks. For the past parks, any used within the last 60 years are listed.

  • Personalized Framed Poster
    For even more personalization, add a screen printed plate to your framed print. The plate is baseball-shaped and can contain up to 50 characters.

    PayPal customers: please e-mail us the text you want printed on the plate.

    Only $149
    Buy with major credit cards at CCNow
    Buy the personalized framed map at CCNow

    Shipping: UPS Ground
    Shipping Note: It may take up to 5 days for a personalized framed print to ship due to the time needed to make the plate and adhere it to the print.

    Personalized baseball plate
    The customized plate is placed on the area of the print
    between Florida and the tip of Louisiana.
    The text on the baseball plate is printed in a black font.
    Words do not have to be in all capital letters, as shown in the picture.

    Major League Baseball Map Poster
    Ballparks of Major League Baseball team map poster

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