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Baseball Pilgrimages
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Mark the parks you've visited on the Ballparks of Major League Baseball "tracker plaque."

This 12" x 15" plaque lists the 30 current ballparks, ordered alphabetically by team name and separated into two columns by league, with American League ballparks on the plaque's left side and National League ballparks on the right. Travels to them can be tracked with the included team logo stickers.

The circular stickers go next to each ballpark's name, which is followed by the year of the ballpark's first major league season.

For the more mature fan who has only been to a team's previous ballpark, that visit can be counted instead, if desired, as the name of 22 of the teams' most recent former stadium is listed below their current one.

With its interactive concept based on the MLB Map Poster, the executive-style plaque was designed so that the ardent baseball fan can have something to display in office or other professional settings.

Weighing just under 3 pounds, the beveled wood plaque can be hung on any wall courtesy of a pair of keyhole-style slots on its backside.

Out of stock
Discontinued by the manufacturer

Major league ballpark visit tracker plaque
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Plaque Details
  • 12" wide by 15" high by 5/8" thick -- weighs 2.92 lbs.
  • Made of dark-coated engineered wood and has beveled edges
  • Lists the current 30 ballparks, organized and color-coded by league (red for American, blue for National)
  • Comes with a logo sticker for every team (30 total) -- use them to mark ballparks visited
  • Also includes the name, and years of use, of stadiums used in the recent past by 22 teams
  • Easy to hang via two slots that are drilled into back
  • Made in the USA and licensed by MLB
  • Plaque Features

    Ballparks are listed by league, each in a 5.15" x 0.7" strip
    Ballparks listed on plaque

    Use the included stickers to mark the stadiums you've visited
    Plaque stickers

    Keyhole slots on the plaque's back make it easy to hang and keep level
    Slot for hanging plaque

    Plaque Close-Up

    The Braves ballpark strip below is shown and sized exactly as it appears on the plaque.
    Atlanta Braves ballpark strip

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