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Just about everything a fan would want to know about attending a spring training game at any of the Grapefruit League's 14 ballparks is detailed in this book, so no matter where you go the Florida Spring Training Ballpark Guide has got you covered.

For starters, the cost of tickets and parking are given, all seating sections are described, and the locations of nearby hotels and restaurants are listed, as are the schedules for each team. But where this book really hits a home run is with its in-depth information that answers fans' most common questions, such as which seats are shaded, where to get autographs, how to buy tickets, when the gates open and what can or cannot be brought into the stadium. Additionally, the fields upon which teams hold their preseason practices are chronicled.

With a ballpark-to-ballpark mileage chart and plenty of pictures to complement its prose, this book is essential for anyone planning a trip to Florida for spring training in 2012.

Book Info

  • 6" x 9" paperback with 246 pages, 82 photos & 16 schedules
  • Published in February 2012

    Only $19.95
    Out of stock
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  • Grapefruit League Ballpark Guide
    [ See some sample pages ]

    Book Contents

    The Florida Spring Training Ballpark Guide ensures that you will get the most out of your day at the ballpark, no matter which ballpark you happen to be at on any given day during the 2012 Grapefruit League season. Written to help you plan your trip and then be your companion on it, the guide provides detailed details about each of Florida's 14 spring training ballparks, a mileage chart so you'll know the distances between them, and complete schedules for all 15 teams that train in the Sunshine State.

    Specifically, each Grapefruit League ballpark chapter includes the following information:

    Sample Pages
    PDF page - Ballpark Basics  Ballpark Basics
    (Bright House Field)
    PDF page - Ballpark Overview  Ballpark Overview
    (McKechnie Field)
    PDF page - Seating  Seating
    (Roger Dean Stadium)
    PDF page - Game Day  Game Day
    (Ed Smith Stadium)
    PDF page - Area Info  Area Info
    (FL Auto Exchange Stadium)
    PDF page - Team Info  Team Info
    (Hammond Stadium)
    PDF page - Practice Fields  Practice Fields
    (Steinbrenner Field)
    Florida Spring Training Ballpark Guide sample page
    Graham Knight at a spring training ballpark
    About the author
    Graham Knight's passion for ballparks is evident in the very Web site that you are browsing, as he launched Baseball Pilgrimages in 2002 and has since written over 80 detailed articles about the individual ballparks that he has visited. During spring training of 2009 he saw a game in each and every Cactus and Grapefruit League ballpark, 26 in all, and that trip inspired this book, and the Arizona version that he has written since 2010. Since 1989, Graham has taken 15 trips to either Arizona or Florida to see spring training and in 2012 he will visit both states for the 4th consecutive year.
    Ballpark Basics

  • Location and directions
  • Parking
  • Factual info, such as capacity, outfield dimensions, and contact phone number

    Ballpark Overview

  • Description of the ballpark and what makes it unique
  • Outside the park - location of entrance gates and ticket windows
  • Inside the park - location of bullpens, scoreboards, kids areas, souvenir shops


  • A listing of all sections and their corresponding ticket prices
  • How many rows are found in each section
  • Whether the home team's dugout is on the first or third base side
  • Seats in the shade
  • Seats to avoid (obstructed views)
  • Handicapped and VIP seating
  • Standing room and ease of moving about the ballpark
  • Buying tickets - Web site address, phone number and box office hours
  • Age at which children need to have a ticket
  • Ticket availability advice - which games/days are likely to sell out in advance

    Game Day

  • Ballpark gate opening times
  • Food, drink and bag policy
  • The best places to get autographs
  • Concession stand specialties, beer choices and whether Coke or Pepsi is served

    Area Info

  • Closest major highways and distance to major airports
  • Safety of area and things to do nearby
  • A listing of hotels and restaurants close to the ballpark

    Team Info

  • 2011 spring training recap
  • 2012 schedule (listed at the back of the book)

    Practice Fields

  • Where the team practices before games and how to access those fields

    This guide is comprehensive, so no ballpark is glossed over. All are given equal treatment, as you can see in the book's table of contents:

    Ballpark Team(s) Pages
    Bright House Field Phillies 15
    Champion Stadium Braves 15
    Charlotte Sports Park Rays 15
    Digital Domain Park Mets 14
    Ed Smith Stadium Orioles 16
    Florida Auto Exchange Stadium   Blue Jays 15
    Hammond Stadium Twins 15
    JetBlue Park Red Sox 14
    Joker Marchant Stadium Tigers 18
    McKechnie Field Pirates 15
    Osceola County Stadium Astros 14
    Roger Dean Stadium Cardinals & Marlins 15
    Space Coast Stadium Nationals 13
    Steinbrenner Field Yankees 15

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